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Golden Ear Awards Nomination and WIN!

POSTED ON April 01, 2021

My 2020 release “Postponed Parade” was nominated for a Golden Ear Award “NW Recording of the Year” by Earshot Magazine in 2020, and my group, Ryan Burns, WON “Alternative Jazz Group of the Year.” 

Thanks to Earshot Jazz, KNKX, all the musicians and engineers that participated, plus those that gave us a gig in such a weird time: Avennia Winery, Loudswell, Nancy Guppy Art Zone, and Royal Room.

Here is the write-up in the April 2021 issue by Paul Rauch:

Keyboard wizard Ryan Burns has long held a reputation for being a bit of a musical mad scientist. His work early on with Matt Jorgensen +451 featured his work on a variety of electric keyboards, from Rhodes to vintage Moog. With his roots planted firmly in the jazz piano tradition, Burns has taken his considerable chops into a variety of musical worlds. When the pandemic hit, Burns conceived of a way to use technology to make a high quality recording completely remotely, with each participant sequestered in their own home studio. 

Featuring an all-star Seattle cast, the ensemble wins this award without the benefit of live performances, existing entirely as a virtual entity. Burns is joined by Seattle stalwarts Skerik, Steve Treseler, Mark Taylor, Matt Jorgensen, Cole Schuster, Brian Monroney, and Thione Diop among others.

With the seven Burns originals released as singles at first, Burns assembled the tunes into an independently released album titled, Postponed Parade. The project is one of the truly remarkable tales to tell of the past year on the Seattle jazz scene. It shines as a triumph of creative intuition under the weight of arduous social circumstances.

“I’m humbled and appreciative,” said Burns. “This inspires me to keep making music with my friends.” 

“Postponed Parade” slated for November Release

POSTED ON October 02, 2020

Postponed Parade is a full length LP available on vinyl, CD and digital formats. It is a collection of quarantine singles all recorded and released from May to October 2020 involving over a dozen musicians, additional engineers, and cover art from Jason Chatfield (New Yorker, MAD Magazine).


releases November 6, 2020 


Skerik, Steve Treseler, Mark Taylor (saxophones) 
Jeff Fielder, Jason Goessl, Brian Monroney, Cole Schuster (guitars) 
Ryan Burns (keyboards, bass guitar) 
Jacob Herring (trombone) 
Michael Glynn, Geoff Harper (acoustic basses) 
Emmanuel Del Casal (electric bass) 
Max Holmberg, Matt Jorgensen (drums) 
Thione Diop (percussion) 

Eric Eagle, Joel Maddox (engineering) 

Jason Chatfield, Resa Cox (artwork) 

All tracks were recorded in each other’s houses during quarantine, except “Shoreline,” drums for “Night School” and percussion for “Subdued Mood” (recorded at Jack Straw Studios). 

Front Cover Art by Jason Chatfield (New Yorker, MAD) 

All songs written by Ryan Burns Copyright 2020 all rights reserved

Get yours on BandCamp!

Up & Up – single release 8/7/20

POSTED ON August 03, 2020

Up & Up is a funky organ group track featuring an analog synth battle at its climax, sandwiched in between stellar solos by Skerik, Jeff Fielder and Max Holmberg.


Skerik (tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone) 
Jeff Fielder (electric guitar) 
Ryan Burns (hammond organ, clav, moog opus 3, roland juno-106, composition) 
Emmanuel DelCasal (electric bass) 
Max Holmberg (drums) 


Eric Eagle (mixing) 
Geoff Harper (additional engineering) 

Mastered at CloudBounce 

Original Cover Art by New Yorker cartoonist Jason Chatfield

New quarantine single released on Bandcamp Friday, July 3rd.

POSTED ON July 02, 2020

With a bright, fun, and groovy feel, Postponed Parade is the celebration we need! Ryan Burns’ masterful composition and the stellar deliveries that he and his allies have captured and assembled provide a much needed reprieve from the cloying atmosphere of isolation, and the jazzy sensibilities that permeate Postponed Parade make it a one-of-a-kind sonic experience – just in time for the summer holiday! – reviewer Jon Wright


released July 3, 2020 
Ryan Burns (keyboards, composition) 
Steve Treseler (tenor sax) 
Jason Goessl (guitar) 
Micahel Glynn (bass) 
Matt Jorgensen (drums) 

Mixed by Matt Jorgensen 
Mastered by CloudBounce 

Recorded in each other’s homes during quarantine. 

Cover Art by Jason Chatfield (New Yorker, MAD magazine) 

Release Date: July 3rd, 2020

Bacon and Eggs

POSTED ON June 09, 2020

New quarantine single released on Bandcamp Friday, June 5 featuring Steve Treseler (Sax), Geoff Harper (bass) and Max Holmberg (drums)

Music Video Premieres June 5, 2020

POSTED ON May 08, 2020

NEW SINGLE! Boogaloo Bird

POSTED ON May 03, 2020
This funky B-3 Organ Trio track features Ryan Burns, hammond organ, fender bass; Max Holmberg, drums and Cole Schuster, guitar. It was recorded in each other’s houses during quarantine. It is available for $1 or donation on Bandcamp.

New CD!

POSTED ON December 28, 2019

Ryan Burns Song Book – Piano Compositions is NOW AVAILABLE! 14 tracks, all original. Mostly solo piano, plus some amazing new tracks featuring African percussionist Thione Diop. A companion book of sheet music is in the works. Check it out on my Recordings page:

Made the News!

POSTED ON May 21, 2018

Red Carpet with Nancy Wilson, Mike McCready.

Recently played a MusicCares benefit at the Showbox. This picture was in the Seattle Times. Mike McCready was presented the Stevie Ray Vaughan Award. I got to perform with Nancy Wilson (Heart), Duff MacKagan (G & R), and Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), along with the bands Flight to Mars and Shadow.

Barrett Martin Group in Hollywood September 27

POSTED ON August 07, 2017

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