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Earshot Magazine: Live at The Lab

POSTED ON July 16, 2015 | POSTED IN: Uncategorized

For those who appreciate a group with a fully realized identity, listen to this. For those who appreciate creative music that has one foot firmly rooted in tradition while the other steps forward, buy this album out of sheer principle.

– Chris Robinson … Read More

All About Jazz: Birds

POSTED ON July 16, 2015 | POSTED IN: Uncategorized

A fine pianist, Burns is virtuosic and always adventurous on the electric side of the keyboard spectrum. … Read More

All About Jazz: Tree-O

POSTED ON November 03, 2008 | POSTED IN: Reviews

by Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz Tree-O, a Ryan Burns-led piano trio affair, caught me by surprise. I was already familiar with Burns’ work with Matt Jorgensen + 451 on the CD Hope (Origin Records, ’04) and an excellent live show with that group at Dizzy’s in San Diego, so I thought this effort would fall … Read More

Jazz Times Review: Thomas Marriott Crazy: The Music of Willie Nelson

POSTED ON October 30, 2008 | POSTED IN: Reviews

by Thomas Conrad Thomas Marriott is one of two first-tier trumpet players to come out of Seattle in the last decade. The other is Cuong Vu. Marriott is the more “inside” of the two, but not by much. Crazy is creatively off-the-wall. It is also a sincerely affectionate tribute. Marriott does not offer bebop versions … Read More

Jazz Times Review: Matt Jorgensen + 451, Another Morning

POSTED ON October 15, 2008 | POSTED IN: Reviews

On the Seattle quartet’s first recording since Hope in 2004, Matt Jorgensen + 451 continues to explore a particular brand of jazz-rock fusion that is more subtle than your average pounding, thrashing, over-the-top variety. However, leader Jorgensen’s fiery and excessively busy drumming often overwhelms and distracts from the group sound as well as the soloists. … Read More

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